Watir-WebDriver Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive list of Watir-WebDriver methods and their usage. I have currently included the most common methods used but I plan to expand this cheat-sheet (until it gets really bulky and hard to stash) as I learn more and of course, as I receive your feedback.

Starting with Watir-WebDriver

Sometime ago, I started working with Watir-WebDriver – an API that runs on top of Selenium 2.0 which means it is capable of automating most major browsers. Watir is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby (my new favorite language). Don’t get confused with Watir and Watir-WebDriver though – Watir only automates IE.

Introduction to Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general-purpose object-oriented programming language that combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features (thanks Wikipedia). Its creator is Yukihiro Matsumoto aka "Matz". Simply put, Ruby is a really powerful, genuinely object-oriented scripting language and the best part about it is: its quite easy to learn. To install Ruby, visit the [...]

QTP/UFT 11.5 Patches

This post includes all Public patches available for QTP/UFT 11.5 (downloadable from HP directly). It will be updated every time a new patch is released. Last updated May 06, 2013.