All Reporting

ReportUnit is a report generator for the test-runner family. It uses stock reports from NUnit, MSTest and Gallio and converts them HTML reports with dashboards.   | Features: Single tool to create reports for NUnit, Gallio and MSTest [...]

All NUnit Reporting

NUnitOrange is now discontinued and superseded by ReportUnit, its replacement, which now generates reports for several other test-runners besides NUnit. NUnitOrange will still be available for download via the link below and NuGet, but will not get any more enhancements. [...]

All Java Reporting Selenium

ExtentReports (by Anshoo Arora) is a HTML reporting library for .NET and Java which is extremely easy to use and creates beautiful execution reports. It shows test and step summary, test steps and status in a toggle view for quick [...]

All Watir-WebDriver

A comprehensive list of Watir-WebDriver methods and their usage. I have currently included the most common methods used but I plan to expand this cheat-sheet (until it gets really bulky and hard to stash) as I learn more and of course, as I receive your feedback.