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AutoCAD_Tests failed
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HasAttributeDefinitions_WhenAttribsExist_IsTrue skipped

Description: Some description

The test was ignored.
Reason: Sample of ignored test.
HasAttributeDefinitions_WhenAttribsInNotExist_IsFalse failed

Description: This test shows AutoCAD .NET API bug. It exists in AutoCAD 2009-2016.

Actual Value : true

   at Bushman.CAD.Extensions.ut2.AutoCAD_Tests.HasAttributeDefinitions_WhenAttribsInNotExist_IsFalse() in c:\Users\developer\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\NUnitOrangeSandbox-solution\ut2\tests\AutoCAD_Tests.cs:line 131
Extension_Tests passed
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CircleIsExists passed

Description: Don't forget create the circle with color index is 10 in the ..\data-for-testing\data_01.dwg file.

HasAttDefs_WhenAttribsExist_IsTrue passed

Description: I am some description 1 :)

HasAttDefs_WhenAttribsIsNotExist_IsFalse passed

Description: I am some description 2 :)

Gallio tests some suite passed
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CircleMustToBeExisting passed
CircleMustNotToBeExisting passed